GMOs and VACCINES are destroying your good gut bacteria and crippling your immunity

Who’s taking a “shot to the gut” today? Nothing like being kicked in the stomach, but in this case, we’re looking into how genetically modified organisms and foreign proteins literally destroy the environment in your gut, in essence wiping out all your flora – the good bacteria you need to fight off diseases and infections. Let’s talk about two things that no medical doctor in America is allowed to talk about, for fear of losing their medical licenses to the para-military AMA (American Medical Association).

We know that there really are evil people in this world, who will sicken and destroy others for money by running lucrative businesses with no ethics or morals whatsoever. These businesses include engineering crops that contain pesticide genes to kill bugs and weeds. Science is proving time and time again that these same pesticides, when consumed regularly, cause cancer, dementia, and immune system dysfunction in humans.

Another business model thrives on the other end of the spectrum, where soulless scientists insert into vaccines foreign animal proteins, heavy metal toxins, genetically modified human albumin from abortion cells, monkey kidney cells, aluminum, MSG, deadly swine viruses, and even lethal squalene. This is done not to boost immunity but to destroy it.

Vaccines are one of the biggest revenue sources for Big Pharma, because they drive so many other sicknesses besides just spreading the diseases doctors and nurses across the United States are purposely injecting into everyone. Has anyone ever read the vaccine insert? If a food label spoke of the horrific side effects and appalling ingredients used, nobody would touch it much less accept it as “medicine” to be injected into muscle tissue.

Why are you allowing biotechnology “experts” and U.S. medical doctors to destroy the friendly bacteria in your gut? You must not know

Are the doctors telling you outright that you will be receiving “quicksilver” injections when you get that flu shot they push so hard? The flu shot is responsible for more damage (proven in court and settled with billions of dollars) to humans due to its toxic ingredients, including most often thimerosal (50 percent mercury solution). This is thousands of times more mercury than the EPA even allows in drinking water or fish. Remember now, they warn everyone about the mercury in the water and fish, but NEVER warn you about injecting it, which is worse, because it bypasses all the body’s natural filters, including digestion, skin, and lungs.

Now, it’s time to quash a common, but utterly and thoroughly debunked misconception coming from the other side. The Allopathic Left always claims the same “slogan” if you will, about vaccines. They say, “the benefit outweighs the risk.” This is a bald-faced lie they’re all regurgitating because it’s printed in all the vaccine propaganda, and has been for more than a few decades.

The so-called “experts” are working for a regime that makes a fortune off destroying the masses’ immunity, not boosting it or saving it from mayhem. They create the mayhem, then treat it with more experimental, dangerous chemicals known as prescription medications or “pharmaceuticals.” Statins. Symptom cover-up meds.

Glyphosate alone destroys flora, but combined with other chemicals and GMOs, it’s the “atomic bomb” constantly exploding in the human gut

Did you know GMOs go on living and growing inside the human gut? Oh, that’s news to you? It’s proven scientifically with peer-reviewed research, double blind studies – the works. Eating these chemicals destroys the liver and kidneys, while fueling cancer tumors. And yes, pesticides kill flora. You see, genetically modified food contains chemical-based pesticides, and that’s why Big Biotech does not want GMO labels on anything in the USA.

Those herbicide and insecticide-laden crops, like corn and soy, that biotech brags will help “feed the world” annihilate good gut microbes in seconds, contributing to an overall immuno-compromised body that constantly struggles to find nutrients for survival, systematically losing the ability to fight off pathogens, parasites, genetic mutant-versions of bacteria, like what’s infesting most U.S. hospitals.

The world-famous Roundup has been implicated in several clinical trials to cause cancer, kidney failure, and liver failure in animals. Roundup contains glyphosate and many other chemicals that catapult the health-damaging power of glyphosate. Toxic herbicides not only affect human immunity, but mental health as well. Think about that for a minute. How many Americans, including tens of thousands of children, are prescribed depression medications and drugs for anxiety, when it could all be caused by eating bug-killing chemicals and weed-destroying neurotoxins?

Tune in to for Nature’s remedies that build immunity instead of destroying it, like drugs, GMOs and vaccines do. The real war is being fought in your gut. Don’t let biotech and pharma beat you down into submission.

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